Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thing 23: One last Thing. PDP is planning permission required?

I feel really rather pleased with myself that I have made it to the end of this course (hurrah for me)! There were genuinely times when I felt I was so behind I wouldn’t make it through to the end, but I was determined and here I am (the wealth of organisational tools that I’ve gained has helped no end too…handy)! 

I’ve been pondering the Personal Development Plan (PDP) and contemplating next steps. I do like to have a structured plan, I find it very helpful to compile lists of things that I feel I need to do or get done (which invariably leads me to identify other things that I hadn’t initially thought of), so I can work through them in a nice ordered and sensible way and then have that pleasing feeling when it all gets accomplished.  There are lots of things I would like to do and being of the self-critical sort there are plenty of areas where I feel I could make improvements or fill gaps. With my new found confidence that has blossomed thanks to cpd23 though, I feel much more able and better equipped to stride forward with positive steps and continue on in my personal developmental journey. I’ve already started on my next phase in fact! 

I’m now much more comfortable with various web tools but I was aware that I lacked any real understanding of the ‘building blocks of computing’  (so to speak) and so have started an online course in computer programming , learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python amongst other things. I’m hoping these skills could be usefully deployed in future in things like creating and maintaining websites.

My library dreams involve working with special collections and so I thought it might be good for both me and my C.V. (sorry inadvertent rhyme there) if I made a concerted effort to try and learn to read (medieval) Latin. It is something I have been meaning to do for a long time now so it has been particularly satisfying to make a start on this. I’ve also been delving into the world of palaeography (thought this might be particularly helpful for deciphering marginalia, which I’m also very interested in)!

I’d like to press on and get some more cataloguing experience too; I’ve had a taster but would like some more hands-on experience. I intend to visit lots more libraries (not exactly a hardship!) and generally interact with more librarians (be this in person or online) and learn from their experiences and heed any advice that is kindly offered and get involved with various events. I shall definitely be carrying on with my voluntary work. I’m always learning something new from this and it is something I really do love and enjoy. Perhaps now this course has come to an end I may start utilising this blog to talk about the work I do here. I think I would find it rather odd not blogging now.

 My big next step though will of course be securing a proper library job and I shall carry on doing as much as I can to make this happen. cpd23 has already been a boon here. During many an interview people’s ears always prick up when I mention this course and it is looked on very favourably, so I owe a big debt of gratitude to the cpders for helping me along with my job hunt and ultimately for giving me skills that will make me a more productive, useful  and valuable team member. Thank you so much!

And finally, a 6 word story….how about:
Cpd23- Continuous Praise Deserved, thank you!
23 things has helped me develop
New skills, new me, new opportunities!
Not the end, only the beginning!

Oh I could carry on in this vein all day but I shall desist!

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