Friday, 29 June 2012

Thing 3: Branded!

I have spent some time doing what I may childishly refer to as 'self-stalking' and seeing what pops up with a general search of my name. Answer: not a lot of me! Although I have discovered a vast proliferation of those who share my name- from polo players to doctors, even (to my great delight) librarians!

It comes as no great shock then to say that I don't presently have much of an online presence, although this is something I want to change and I imagine that 'branding' will be something I will consider more as I branch out further. I think at that point continuity will become more important. On a very basic level I need to do a bit more tinkering with my blog, in particular (if I'm brutally honest) I've not felt comfortable enough yet to add much to my profile.

I can understand why people would find the notion of 'personal branding' a little disquieting, it could be misconstrued as commodification on some level. However, saying that I suppose I have thought about my 'personal brand' before (although not in those terms, I think I would put it more simply as 'how I come across'), particularly with regard to job interviews, where there is a need to strike a balance between formality and presenting myself as myself. I suppose in a way I would like to carry this through in my blog. I did opt for a somewhat (hopefully) jaunty title for the blog itself, with a view perhaps to standing out a bit more. I also wanted it to look a bit more personal and accessible. I was also conscious that I wanted my posts to be reflective of my character, rather than being dry run downs of what I've been up to.

Time will tell if I have a successful 'brand'...fingers crossed!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Thing 2: 'Here's Looking at You!'

Right, so here I am at thing 2. I do enjoy reading other people's blogs (it feels in a way like a form of permissible nosiness). I've found it a very useful means of gleaning knowledge and its always a help to hear other people's experiences and generally let it dawn that, more often than not, you aren't the only one feeling nervous.
I've read a number of blogs by current trainees and particularly liked as there was lots of interesting info, in particular the thoughts and feelings of past trainees and the advice they had to offer. Similarly I've gained a great deal from It's given me great insight into the day-to-day work of the trainees and generally what to expect if I'm lucky enough to gain a traineeship myself.

Thing 2 is clearly going to be ongoing and I'm looking forward to emboldening myself to start commenting on others' blogs and getting a bit more involved!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Thing 1: Mind Bloggling!

So here it is, my inaugural post! I am slightly trepidatious to say the least! I fear making rather a public fool of myself, but it's all in the name of learning!

Currently I am a volunteer in the rather marvellous Saffron Walden Town Library (well worth a visit if you're in the area or have a look at the website ). I'm also in the process of applying for Graduate Trainee positions, with a view to one day getting on to a Master's Degree course (any tips would be most welcome).

I'm starting the cpd23 Things because I'm really keen to get to grips with Web 2.0 tools and want to feel more 'connected' with current issues in librarianship, I basically want to learn as much about the profession as I can (I am, as it were, greedy for knowledege) and generally pick the brains of the better informed!!

So here goes nothing!